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It’s important to tell your healthcare provider about any and all symptoms you’re experiencing so they can determine if the cause is post-shingles nerve pain.

Symptoms of post-shingles nerve pain are often limited or localized to the area of the skin where the shingles outbreak first occurred, in the band around your trunk, usually on one side of the body.

If you’ve been diagnosed with post-shingles nerve pain, talk to your healthcare provider about QUTENZA to see if it’s an option for you.

Less common symptoms of post-shingles nerve pain include:

  • Itching
  • Numbness
  • Feeling "pins and needles"

What to expect during your QUTENZA treatment

Treatment process steps

Treatment with QUTENZA takes about 60 minutes in your healthcare provider’s office.

illustration of specialist identifying area to apply

Step 1: Identify

Your healthcare provider will identify and mark the treatment area on your skin prior to the treatment.

OPTIONAL: A topical anesthetic may be applied to potentially reduce discomfort associated with QUTENZA.

illustration of specialist applying QUTENZA patch to torso

Step 2: Apply

QUTENZA will be applied to your skin for 60 minutes. Your blood pressure will be monitored periodically during and following treatment.

illustration of specialist removing QUTENZA patch from torso

Step 3: Remove

After 60 minutes, your healthcare provider will gently and slowly remove QUTENZA.

illustration of specialist applying Cleansing Gel to torso

Step 4: Cleanse

A post-application Cleansing Gel will be applied to the treatment area, then gently washed with soap and water.

Treatment day tips

Wear comfortable clothing

Wear comfortable clothing

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Bring something to read or do during the application

Find a QUTENZA Specialist

Some of the healthcare providers in the directory may require a referral from your primary care doctor.

Find a Specialist

Find a QUTENZA Specialist

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Save on QUTENZA Treatment

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