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Support for Your Practice and Patients

View downloadable PDFs and videos for your patients with painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) of the feet and practice outlining the QUTENZA Difference.

In-Office QUTENZA Resources

In-Office Treatment Guide

Review important tips to counsel your patient before treatment along with office supplies and post-application reminders.

Painful DPN Nerve Diagram

Educational tool to describe the risk factors and symptoms of painful DPN of the feet for your patients.

Painful DPN Administration Guide

View this complete step-by-step guide on how to administer QUTENZA for painful DPN of the feet.

Patient Resources

Patient Guide

Download this brochure to give to your appropriate patients.

Patient Guide - Spanish

Download this brochure to give to your appropriate patients.

Patient Appointment Reminder

Remind your patients to schedule their next QUTENZA treatment for up to 3 months of relief from painful DPN of the feet.

Other Forms

Navigate to to submit an enrollment request for your practice.

HIPAA Release Form

Download and have your appropriate patients sign this form to obtain QUTENZA Reimbursement Support Services.

Procedural Notes

Download and document appropriate patient information, including history, coding, and additional notes during QUTENZA treatment.

QUTENZA Video Library