Getting QUTENZA to your patients:
Two ways to order

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Introducing QUTENZA in a carton with 4 topical systems

Simplify your QUTENZA orders with the new 4-pack cartons, keeping your patients with painful diabetic peripheral neuropathy (PDPN) of the feet top of mind, as some applications may require more than 2 topical systems for both of their feet. The NDC # is 72512-930-01.

Ordering QUTENZA

QUTENZA is now available through our buy-and-bill Specialty Distributors:

Cardinal Health™


Community practices:

Phone: 877-453-3972

Institutions/hospital outpatient facilities:

Phone: 866-677-4844

Besse® Medical


Phone: 800-543-2111

Fax: 800-543-8695

ASD Healthcare® (AmerisourceBergen)


Phone: 800-746-6273

Fax: 800-547-9413


Phone: 877-599-7748

QUTENZA is also available through our Specialty Pharmacy partners:

River’s Edge


Phone: 949-393-5780, Option 2

Life Save Rx


Phone: 877-254-8603

In addition, there is a reimbursement solution to help your appropriate patients gain access to QUTENZA.

MyQutenzaCoverage can help you navigate the reimbursement landscape.

Visit to learn more or call 855-802-8746, Monday through Friday, 9 AM to 7 PM ET. You can fax enrollment forms to 855-454-8746.